Damsel: A Fantasy Thriller with a Feminist Twist

“Damsel” is a fantasy action genre film that delves into the realms of survival thriller while carrying strong feminist undertones. Set in a world where societal norms dictate the fate of women, the movie follows the journey of Elodie, portrayed convincingly by Millie Bobby Brown, who finds herself thrust into a perilous situation after marrying the Prince of Aurea.

Visually striking and boasting impressive visual effects, “Damsel” succeeds in immersing viewers into its fantastical world. However, while the VFX may be commendable, the storyline itself offers little in terms of innovation, ultimately resulting in a predictable narrative that fails to surprise.

Despite its shortcomings, “Damsel” remains a one-time watch movie, thanks in part to the strong performances of its cast. Millie Bobby Brown shines as Elodie, bringing depth and authenticity to her character, while the supporting cast delivers solid performances throughout.

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At its core, “Damsel” is a tale of empowerment and resilience, highlighting the plight of women who find themselves trapped within the confines of society’s expectations. As Elodie navigates the treacherous landscape of her new reality, the film explores themes of sacrifice, survival, and the quest for freedom.

In summary, “Damsel” may not offer anything groundbreaking in terms of storytelling, but its engaging performances and feminist message make it a worthwhile watch for fans of the fantasy genre.


  • Millie Bobby Brown as Elodie
  • Ray Winstone as Lord Bayford, the lord of an unnamed northern land and Elodie’s father
  • Angela Bassett as Lady Bayford, the wife of Lord Bayford and Elodie’s stepmother
  • Brooke Carter as Floria, Elodie’s younger sister
  • Nick Robinson as Prince Henry, the prince of Aurea
  • Robin Wright as Queen Isabelle, the queen regnant of Aurea and Prince Henry’s mother
  • Milo Twomey as King Roderick, the king consort of Aurea and Prince Henry’s father
  • Nicole Joseph as Princess Victoria, one of the previous princesses sacrificed to the dragon
  • Shohreh Aghdashloo as the voice of the Dragon, an unnamed dragon that demands sacrifices of Aurea’s princesses

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