First Week of April 24: Latest News Roundup

**Rumours Surrounding Upcoming Movies and TV Shows**

There have been rumours circulating about several highly anticipated movies and TV shows in the entertainment world. Here’s a roundup of the latest buzz:

– Rumours suggest that 70% of the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie will take place in the Void, with a runtime speculated to be around 2 hours and 10 minutes. However, it’s worth noting that these details are not final and may vary in the final cut.

– Social media has been abuzz with a photo featuring Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo, teasing the possibility of their characters appearing together in a Marvel movie. Speculations are rife about a potential Deadpool vs. Hulk showdown in the future.

– “Daredevil: Born Again” is rumored to be aiming for an R-rating, promising a gritty and mature take on the beloved character. Actor Jon Bernthal recently shared a set photo as The Punisher, further fueling excitement among fans.

– There are whispers that the X-Men may finally make their long-awaited debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the sinister Sinister rumored to be their main villain.

– “Godzilla vs. Kong” has been criticized as the cheapest movie in the Monsterverse franchise, despite its massive scale. Director Adam Wingard‘s next project is rumored to be a live-action adaptation of “Thundercats.”

– In the DC Extended Universe, plans for upcoming films such as “Superman,” “Creature Commando,” and “Peacemaker” Season 2 have been finalized. Speculation is rife about the next locked-in project, which could be either “Lanterns” or “Supergirl.”

– Rumors are circulating about a potential “Teen Titans” movie following the release of “Batman: Brave and the Bold.”

– Casting news for the movie “Day Drinker” has been announced, with Johnny Depp and Sydney Sweeney set to star.

**Pedro Pascal News:**

– “The Last of Us” Season 2 has completed filming, while shooting for “Fantastic Four” is set to commence in August.

**Sad News:**

– Tragically, British-American actor Chance Perdomo has passed away in a motorbike crash at the age of 27. He was known for his role as Andrew in the “GenV” series, and it’s speculated that production on the series may be postponed.

**Other Updates:**

– Reports suggest that Doctor Doom will not be featured in the Illuminati.

– Anthony Mackie, who portrays Captain America in “Brave New World,” made headlines with his recent statement about Marvel movies being a form of “controlled entertainment.”

– On the Spiderman front, the release of the animated movie “Spiderman: Beyond the Spiderverse” has been delayed. Additionally, shooting for “Spiderman 4” is set to begin this year, although no director or storyline has been confirmed yet.

– Despite earlier rumors, Keanu Reeves will not be appearing as Ghost Rider for now. However, there are speculations that he might make an appearance in future seasons of “What If.”

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