Gangs of Galia Review: A Mixed Bag of Family Drama and Crime on Netflix

“Gangs of Galia” is a Spanish crime drama that recently premiered on Netflix. The show follows Anna, a lawyer from Madrid, who relocates to the small seaside town of Kados to unravel her past. This seemingly straightforward plot thickens as Anna becomes entangled in the town’s drug trafficking underworld, leading to a series of high-stakes decisions.

Plot and Structure:
The series spans seven episodes, with the first episode lasting about an hour and subsequent ones running approximately 40 minutes each. The narrative sets the stage with Anna’s arrival in Kados, a town controlled by the Pine family, notorious drug traffickers. As Anna navigates her past, she becomes deeply enmeshed in their illicit activities, forcing her to make critical choices.

Characters and Family Dynamics:
The show places a strong emphasis on family dynamics. We witness Anna’s interactions with her family alongside the extensive Pine family, whose wealth and power allow them to operate their drug business with relative ease until a national investigation looms. Another significant family in the story includes a grandmother, her daughter, and granddaughter, who run a local bar and café. These intricate familial relationships create a rich tapestry of interactions, though at times they can overwhelm the main narrative.


  1. Character Chemistry: Anna and her nephew Daniel share a compelling dynamic that adds depth to the story. Their interactions are some of the show’s highlights, providing emotional resonance amidst the crime drama.
  2. Family Interactions: The complex web of family relationships, especially within the Pine family, keeps the plot engaging. The internal conflicts and alliances among characters contribute to the narrative’s tension and unpredictability.


  1. Predictability and Unoriginality: The storyline, while engaging, often follows a predictable trajectory. The drug trafficking theme, a staple in crime dramas, lacks novelty and doesn’t offer much in terms of new perspectives or twists.
  2. Character Development: Some characters, particularly within the extended Pine family and law enforcement, are underdeveloped. Their presence often feels like an afterthought, detracting from the story’s impact.
  3. Pacing Issues: The frequent time jumps, especially in the first episode, create a disjointed viewing experience. While they aim to fast-track the plot to more interesting events, they leave gaps in context, making it challenging to connect with Anna’s journey fully.

Acting and Execution:
The acting performances are a mixed bag. While Anna and Daniel’s portrayals are strong, other characters, such as the Pine family patriarch and certain law enforcement officers, fail to convey the intended menace or authority. This inconsistency in acting diminishes the potential tension and drama in critical scenes.

“Gangs of Galia” is an entertaining series, though it falls short in several areas. The central relationship between Anna and Daniel offers emotional depth, and the family dynamics provide some intriguing moments. However, the show’s predictability, unoriginal crime elements, and occasional pacing issues reduce its overall impact.

I give “Gangs of Galia” 2.5 out of 5 stars. It’s worth a watch for fans of character-driven dramas, but those seeking a novel or intensely thrilling crime story might find it lacking.

If you’ve recently enjoyed any standout crime dramas, “Gangs of Galia” might be a decent addition to your watchlist, though it may not top your favorites.

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